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Welcome to the web site of the Lake Sherwood Acres
Subdivision in Baton Rouge
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Spring/Summer 2018 Newsletter

Who We Are

Lake Sherwood Acres  is a "well-kept secret" of 312 homes located between S. Sherwood Forest and Coursey Boulevards.  There are 81 homes built along the shores of a  20 acre lake, as well as 231 homes that are located off the lake.  The neighborhood was developed by Victor Coursey in 1974 when this area was considered far out from down town. Part of the draw for this neighborhood is the 25 meter swimming pool and large clubhouse, as well as the many, well maintained green common areas and private lake.

Sherwood Lake Association Purpose

The Sherwood Lake Association Articles of Incorporation state that the association "is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Louisiana, for the purpose of, among other things, owning, preserving, maintaining and regulation for the use of its members the lake shown on the official plat of Lake Sherwood Acres Subdivision..."

Where are we located?

We are located east of  S. Sherwood Forest Boulevard and north of Coursey Boulevard. Click Here for a map of the area and of the actual  neighborhood.

Please be aware that the Lake Sherwood Acres Restrictions and Covenants and  Baton Rouge City Ordinance No. 10669 passed on August 14, 1996, requires all sellers to furnish the buyers of their property a copy of all deed and building restrictions affecting that property. Additionally, all dues must be paid in full prior to the sale of any property and a written “Paid in Full” Invoice must be presented at the closing. Contact the treasurer well in advance of the closing for a copy of the Invoice.

Lake Sherwood Amenities

Sometimes we forget that Lake Sherwood Acres has many amenities that have withstood the deterioration that accompanies many older subdivisions. Our lake and grounds are in excellent shape, and the Club is an active beehive of activity for the summer and throughout the year with frequent use for meetings, complimentary resident functions and rentals.

Spring is here! Please try to avoid lawn fertilizer being applied where it can easily be washed into the lake. When we get a heavy dose of fertilizer we wind up fighting larger than normal algae blooms that can result in fish kills.

When applied fertilizers should be watered into the soil.

Dear Fellow Residents,

Spring is my favorite time of the year in Lake Sherwood. The yards and gardens are normally at their best. Each of us seems to take particular efforts in our landscaping efforts. I believe that all of us enjoy the results of this activity.

In the last week, I had the opportunity to fish out two washtubs of weeds that someone cut from their property and tossed into the lake. My neighbor had a similar experience. In addition, we had to work jointly to remove a tree stump that had been tossed into the lake.  

In addition to directly throwing this in the lake, there may be some that are not aware that the curb drains around our neighborhood empty into the lake. Anything washed down or placed in a position to allow it to do so will flow out into our lake.  

Any items that are left along the bank such as paper cups or plates will in all probability be blown into the lake.

Our lake was formed by the use of a weir dam. This structure will hold in the lake whatever is dumped, blown, or washed into the lake. There it will remain until it either gets caught in a strong current following a big rain or picked up by someone.  

We can all help on this by simply not throwing landscaping clippings into the lake or allowing them to blow into the lake or down the drainage culverts. Picking up any used or unneeded paper products would eliminate them from being a problem in the lake.

We all know that sometimes accidents happen and items will go into the lake. If we all pick up such trash and make sure that we take the necessary precautions to stop what we can, we will all help keep our lake clean.

For your information there are city ordinances that you may want to be familiar with on this issue.

Section 6:430 - Sweeping litter in gutters prohibited

Section 6:435 – Litter in lakes and fountains

Please help in protecting this asset of our subdivision.  

Show Your Patriotism!

…A Growing Lake Sherwood Tradition!

"Show Your Patriotism" ...Our Lake Sherwood Tradition Continues!

It's that season again! Beginning now, through the months of June and July, Lake Sherwood Acres residents are encouraged to "Show Your Patriotism". You can request free of charge a 12" x 18" American flag that can be placed curbside in your yard. If a flag was received last year, but in need of replacing, no worries - you are welcome to request a brand new one!

To request your flag, contact Debbie Pacas at 225-235-0165, or by email at debbie@debbiepacas.com. American flags will also be distributed at the clubhouse during our Pool Opening Party, as well as on Sunday July 1st from Noon to 3 PM.

Additionally, as we show our patriotism, we need to be mindful of flying flags that need to be "retired or destroyed". We have found a Boy Scout troop that will receive the flags and properly dispose of them. Please bring any flags that you want to dispose on July 1st to the Clubhouse.

Last updated 6/27/18





 Our  FUN FRIDAYS have been an enormous success and we would hate for you and your family to miss out on the fun and excitement this summer and all year long. Come and join us again this week.

As usual the Lifeguards have lots of activities and other games for the kids and family.  You know they love it.    

Geaux Cuban Food Truck will be in our parking lot on Friday from  6-8 pm.    Their truck will be loaded with delicious and affordable Cuban delicacies They will even provide "TAKE OUT" for those who cannot stay at the pool.   It is their first time participating in FUN FRIDAY, so please come out and patronize them.  

The LSC Board and the entire staff are excited to bring you  FUN FRIDAY ‘s of the 2018 summer swim season.

For those of you unfamiliar with this program, the club has made a commitment to provide fun summer activities each Friday evening for 11 consecutive weeks. Additional lifeguard staff will be on hand to provide a variety of fun activities for children to participate in each week. 

The concept behind the program is simple: to provide families a reprieve from cooking and provide a safe fun activity they can do together on Friday evenings. The special activities begin at 5 pm each week so mark your calendar. The pool will stay open until 9pm on Friday nights to allow time around the pool in the cool of the early evening, however, on Movie Nights (June 8 Jumanji & July 13 Freaky Friday) the pool will be open later (until movie is over.)

 Due to the number of usual participants, parking may be limited.  Please be careful and cautious driving through the subdivision and around the club house on Friday evenings and during other club events as there are many residents and/or their children that may be walking to this event.  
Those interested in an  up-to-the-moment interactive format involving club activities should join or log in to the L
ake Sherwood Club Association Facebook Group. Pictures, announcements and informative discussions can help everyone stay involved and get the most of their club membership. 

We also appreciate if you would share your photos at this and any other event, including swim meets.

Did you know that we open memberships to our neighbors in other subdivisions throughout the Baton Rouge area.?

We still have a few memberships available for new "outside" members.​​  

Please be sure to share your experiences at Lake Sherwood Club with your family, friends, neighbors, children's class mates, co workers, and associates.  We have members from as far as Ascension, Livingston, Zachary and St. Gabriel areas.  We are the most reasonable, active, well managed and clean neighborhood pool in the Baton Rouge area.  They will love you for it.