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Who We Are
Lake Sherwood Acres  is a "well-kept secret" of 312 homes located between S. Sherwood Forest and Coursey Boulevards.  There are 81 homes built along the shores of a  20 acre lake, as well as 231 homes that are located off the lake.  The neighborhood was developed by Victor Coursey in 1974 when this area was considered far out from down town. Part of the draw for this neighborhood is the 25 meter swimming pool and large clubhouse, as well as the many, well maintained green common areas and private lake.

Sherwood Lake Association Purpose
The Sherwood Lake Association Articles of Incorporation state that the association "is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Louisiana, for the purpose of, among other things, owning, preserving, maintaining and regulation for the use of its members the lake shown on the official plat of Lake Sherwood Acres Subdivision..."

Where are we located?
We are located east of  S. Sherwood Forest Boulevard and north of Coursey Boulevard. Click Here for a map of the area and of the actual  neighborhood.
Please be aware that the Lake Sherwood Acres Restrictions and Covenants and  Baton Rouge City Ordinance No. 10669 passed on August 14, 1996, requires all sellers to furnish the buyers of their property a copy of all deed and building restrictions affecting that property. Additionally, all dues must be paid in full prior to the sale of any property and a written “Paid in Full” Invoice must be presented at the closing. Contact the treasurer well in advance of the closing for a copy of the Invoice.

Welcome to the web site of the Lake Sherwood Acres
Subdivision in Baton Rouge
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2015 Christmas Decoration Winners

Click here to see all of the photos of the 2016 Easter Egg Hunt

We have determined that there is no 5-6 foot alligator in the lake.

We have reached this conclusion based on the following:

·     Daily observations made by several board members with views of the lake. These observations were made in morning, afternoon, and evening times. No sightings were made in order to confirm the original report.

·     No residents have reported any sightings.

·    Because of the lack of wind, the lake surface was flat which enhanced the ability to see any surface activity caused if such an alligator was on the surface or moving on the lake.

·     Because most of the lake is lined with bulkheads, it is not likely that a 5-6 foot alligator would climb up an over a bulkhead.

·     At those points that alligator would crawl out at a shoreline, alligators make a mud slide as they drag out of the water. We have not found any such indications.

·     We have looked around the lake using boats and have not seen any alligators.

·     We did remove a 5-6 foot wooden plank from the lake.

We have not contacted the Wildlife & Fisheries Department. Without a confirmed sighting, a trapper will not dispatched. We do have contact information for the Wildlife & Fisheries Department.

We did want to let you know of the conclusion that we do not have a 5-6 foot alligator in the lake.

We do have geese, ducks, turtles, snakes, and nutria in the lake. Residents will see them move about the lake.

If you have any questions on the alligator or if you want to discuss another lake issue please send me an email at Mhayeslsa@cox.net

Lake Sherwood Club

END of Summer Celebration &  Community Fish Fry

Sat. Sept. 10   2-4  

Free to all Lake Sherwood Club Members.

Special Event Guest Fee is $5 a person, must be accompanied by a member

Fried catfish, potato salad, green beans, chocolate chip cookies & beverages provided.


We would love it if some of our members brought food to share such as

Fruit or fruit trays, Veggie trays, Salads, Homemade deserts or other treats


Lake Sherwood Acres (LSA) is a vibrant neighborhood that presents an attractive appearance throughout our subdivision. The Homeowners Association of LSA is known as Sherwood Lake Association (SLA). The Standing Committee that works with residents on landscaping, maintenance or additions to their properties is known as The Council.

Our neighborhood continues to enjoy the addition of many new residents each year. By paying close attention to the “curb appeal” of our homes, residents strengthen the value of their properties, and showcase our subdivision to others as appealing and inviting.   

By checking here (the Council Pages) you will find some guidelines suggested by the SLA Board and Council, which may be of help to our residents in either making changes in their landscaping, or in maintaining what’s already in place.  The items covered include:

Announcing New Pool Hours:  

In  August & September the LSC Pool will be open WEEKENDS ONLY

Aug. 6 – Sept. 25

Saturdays  12 – 6
Sundays 1 – 6  
Sept. 25th is the last day the pool will be open for the 2016 season.


Refuse, Garbage and Recycling containers, Maintenance of Swimming Pools

Accumulation of Junk, Trash and Debris

Sweeping Trash in drainage culverts

Portable on Demand Storage (PODS)


Lawns, Shrubbery, Flower Beds and Trees


Sidewalks and Driveways

Walls, Fences and Gates

Home Maintenance, Lighting and Outdoor Security Lighting

Mailboxes, TV, Satellite and Radio Antennas