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Who We Are
Lake Sherwood Acres  is a "well-kept secret" of 312 homes located between S. Sherwood Forest and Coursey Boulevards.  There are 81 homes built along the shores of a  20 acre lake, as well as 231 homes that are located off the lake.  The neighborhood was developed by Victor Coursey in 1974 when this area was considered far out from down town. Part of the draw for this neighborhood is the 25 meter swimming pool and large clubhouse, as well as the many, well maintained green common areas and private lake.

Sherwood Lake Association Purpose
The Sherwood Lake Association Articles of Incorporation state that the association "is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Louisiana, for the purpose of, among other things, owning, preserving, maintaining and regulation for the use of its members the lake shown on the official plat of Lake Sherwood Acres Subdivision..."

Where are we located?
We are located east of  S. Sherwood Forest Boulevard and north of Coursey Boulevard. Click Here for a map of the area and of the actual  neighborhood.
Please be aware that the Lake Sherwood Acres Restrictions and Covenants and  Baton Rouge City Ordinance No. 10669 passed on August 14, 1996, requires all sellers to furnish the buyers of their property a copy of all deed and building restrictions affecting that property. Additionally, all dues must be paid in full prior to the sale of any property and a written “Paid in Full” Invoice must be presented at the closing. Contact the treasurer well in advance of the closing for a copy of the Invoice.

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Subdivision in Baton Rouge
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2016 Christmas Decoration Winners

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        2017 Annual Meeting Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Pool is open weekends in May!

Sat. 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM

Sun. 12:00 noon to 6:00PM

Lake Sherwood Club is now accepting lifeguard applications.

Attached you will find a Lifeguards Wanted Ad with information on how to apply.

Spring seems to be arriving a little early this year. Please try to avoid lawn fertilizer being applied where it can easily be washed into the lake. When we get a heavy dose of fertilizer we wind up fighting larger than normal algae blooms that can result in fish kills.

When applied fertilizers should be watered into the soil.

Department Of Transportation And Drainage Traffic Engineering Division News Release

The East Baton Rouge City-Parish Department of Transportation and Drainage Traffic Engineering Division announced today that the bridge on O’Neal Lane will be open to traffic beginning Saturday April 29, 2017 at 4:00 pm.  This bridge is located between South Harrell’s Ferry Road and George O’Neal Road. 

Please note, this is still an active construction site.  Please adhere to the posted speed limits to ensure the safety of the construction workers as well as the other vehicles on the road.

 Telephone inquiries may be directed to the Field Engineering Division at 225-389-3202.

The Current State of Lake Sherwood Acres

It is clear that Lake Sherwood Acres has recovered from the Great Flood of 2016. The Lake lots that drew water for all purposes have been repaired and in many instances have been improved in the process. There are still a few residences that are being worked upon but these appear to be the result of renovations beyond the flood


Following the flood, the City Parish suspended the enforcement of some rules including parking and placement of dumpsters or storage units. These City Parish rules govern the parking and dumpsters in our subdivision. Be aware that it is possible for the City Parish to end this suspension of enforcement.

Once this is done, we will begin monitoring the subdivision for any violations and will report any that are not in compliance.

I see parking on the grass in some areas. Understand that this is normally not allowed under the City Parish rules. The exception was granted primarily because several of us were hosting people in our homes while theirs were being rebuilt. If you can, we do ask that you once again adhere to the normal parking regulations.


orage units are normally allowed under a short timeframe and dumpsters are allowed only if there is a city issued permit for construction. Of course, with the exception in place, these are allowed. When the exception is lifted, we will be following to have these removed unless there is a City Parish approved permit in place.

The landscaping for almost all residents is in great shape. Obviously, many have spruced up for spring. There are a few residents that have had their lawns damaged during the construction phase. I do believe that these will be dealt with once the residences are finished and the landscaping can be worked upon.

I would like to remind all that any repair, renovation, or improvement to the exterior of a residence or its outside structures, fences, or embellishments requires a Lake Sherwood Acres' permit. This is a relatively simple process and we appreciate your attending to the filing for the permit. The application form and process is spelled out on our website.

 I am attaching our previously distributed guidelines for your convenience. These guidelines give more detail than I am covering in this document.

Lake Sherwood Acres has done well in dealing with the impact of the flood and is positioned to enhance our values if we continue to work on our properties. By following the guidelines we should present our properties in their best view.

Thanks for the hard work and the patience during this unusual experience for us.

Mike Hayes

President, SLA