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If you have any questions or need to contact a board member and cannot locate the correct email or phone number via this site.
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Baton Rouge, LA  70879-7185

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Doing Business with your Neighbors

The Lake Sherwood Board of Directors would like to encourage our neighbors to do business with each other. Therefore, it has been decided to offer to any homeowner who has a business/ service the opportunity to advertise on the web site for free.

If you have a service or business you would like to advertise and perhaps even offer a discount to Lake Sherwood homeowners, please fill out the information page found here to request a spot in this area of our website.  This page is kept within our password-protected area, so these services noted here are only seen by homeowners or renters with password access.

Once you fill out the form, please email it back to:

If you have any questions or need some general assistance you may call Lisa Peacock 292-2076.

In order to keep this free area manageable, we need to set down some guidelines:

1. The information you send for inclusion must be in a final and publishable condition as a Microsoft Word document.  Please note however, if the document cannot be made to fit the website’s default dimensions it will be modified (but kept as close as possible to its original format.)  If the published result is not acceptable, you may discuss a possible change, or ask to have the advertisement removed.

2. If the information is in a photo format it must be sent as a high quality .jpeg.  that can be reduced in size as appropriate for the site.

3. You can send a digital copy of a business card to be placed on the site instead of a document or in addition.

4. You can have a link to your own external web site created on the advertisement page.

5. All information must be appropriate and legal.  External links must be to an appropriate and legal site.  

6. We cannot be held responsible for any results of the advertisements.

7. Advertising on the web site does not indicate any type of endorsement of a product or service.

8. Only actual lot owners may advertise on the free area.

9. You must have a direct connection (ownership, co-ownership) to the business.

10. You may make changes to the advertisement 2 times per year.  This can be done via an email to the webmaster.  

11. You may request that the advertisement be removed at anytime

12. All decisions made by the Sherwood Lake Association webmaster are final.