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Job Responsibilities and Duties for Security Officers 

1.      Always maintain a visible presence. Stop and say hello to residents and let them know that you are on duty for their protection. As often as possible, set up  RADAR shots in various locations especially during the AM and PM drive times.

2.      Watch out for  school buses speeding and running stop signs in the early A.M. and after school.

3.      Be aware  of vacant houses in the subdivision. Check for vagrants or other unauthorized entries. The Security coordinator will provide a notices of resident that are out of town.

4.      Be alert for anyone, residents or lawn maintenance crews, dumping trash in back of the pool area by the dumpster and at the picnic table.

5.      Check anyone fishing in the lake and make sure they are residents. Non-residents are not allowed use of the lake for any reason.

6.      Check any cars parked near the pool or lake for resident stickers except during functions at the clubhouse. Remind residents that all cars must have a “Lake Sherwood Acres” sticker displayed. They are available from any Board Member.

7.      All boats in the lake must have two stickers on the boat with the lot number on the sticker.

8.      There is no fishing allowed from the bridge due to safety factors.

9.      Stop anyone from swimming in the canal alongside the pool. No one is to be jumping from any ropes, bulkheads, boats or bridges.

10.  No parking is allowed on any of the common areas maintained by the Association. Determine who owns the vehicles and ask that they be removed.

11.  Tennis courts are for use by the residents only.

12.  All dogs must be on a leash and anyone walking the dogs must pick up any waste left by their animals. If animals are running loose, notify the Baton Rouge Animal Control Officer.

13.  If trashcans are in the road, notify the property owner of the hazard.

14.  Be aware of loitering on pool property and surrounding area after pool hours.

15.  19. Provide the Security Coordinator a monthly log/activity report at the same time the work/time schedule is turned in.


 Adopted by the Sherwood Lake Association Board of Directors, June 2009