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LSA Grounds Report for the Month of September 2019

1. Reporting street lights that are out, blinking, on all the time can be reported directly to this website.

A few lights are staying on and have been reported to Entergy.  

2. The road conditions in Lake Sherwood Acres are being monitored and there are a few spots that I will have 311 considering fixing.  Also, the City of Baton Rouge has an App called Redstick 311. This app let’s you know when the garbage and recycling is picked up plus reporting capabilities, traffic incidents and emergency updates. It’s a good app to have. - Reported a street sign that was twisted around making it hard for folks who are not use to our sub-division.

3. Please keep your sidewalks edged and clear of any obstructions. Please be mindful of the walkers and joggers in the sub-division. Also, it is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure your sidewalks are in good condition for walking.  

4. Good information to have below when doing work outside the house. These Covenants are to protect one our investment and our Neighborhood.

End of report


Tommy Milazzo