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Duties and functions of the Council according to the SLA Covenants

SLA Recommended Landscaping and Home Maintenance Guidelines

Updated 12-2-13

The Sherwood Lake Association Council (Council) is granted the authority under Section, 1.3, Powers of the Restrictions and Protective Covenants of Lake Sherwood Acres (R&C’s), to control exterior improvements and structures in Lake Sherwood Acres to ensure harmony in appearance and quality of materials utilized as set forth in the R&C’s.
Since some Lake Sherwood Acres residents may want to permanently install Alternative Energy Devices (Devices) to provide full-time, part-time or intermittent energy, the Council has adopted this policy.  

Alternative Energy Devices are defined as any Device that supplements or replaces electrical energy or natural gas supplied by Entergy or Entergy’s successors or other such providers of residential energy.  Such Devices include but are not limited to solar panels (for electric or hot water generation), permanently installed internal combustion engine driven electrical generators, wind turbines, and ground thermal heating and/or cooling systems.  As with all other exterior construction and improvement projects, residents must secure a permit from the Council in order to install any Alternative Energy Device.  

Electrical generators may not be installed in the front yard or within 10 feet of the front building setback line and sound dampened whenever possible with fencing or landscaping approved by the Council.  Only natural gas fueled generators are allowed.  Permanently installed gasoline and diesel fueled generators are prohibited due to the environmental and safety hazards these fuels present.

Roof mounted solar panels must be installed on the roof facing away from the street.  If installed at ground level solar panels may not be installed in a front yard and must be behind a solid wood or resin fence so that the top of the solar panels are not visible from any street or any of the neighboring homes including homes across the lake.  Placement of solar panels must meet the requirements of the R&C’s.  


Reports and Position Statements of the SLA Council

  1. TV & Radio Antenna-- Revised Policy Statement 1/25/2008
  2. Letter from Victor Coursey regarding the erecting of “elevated play structures”
  3. Letter indicating the Council’s stand on “elevated play structures” dated 10/08/1981
  4. Stance on erecting Gymboree-type play structures
  5. Garage Sale policy
  6. Alternative Energy Devices Policy-Updated-12-2-13
  7. Above Ground Pool Policy-12-02-2013
  8. No Solicitation  Policy dated 05-05-14

Sherwood Lake Council

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