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Sherwood Lake Association Inc

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Baton Rouge, LA  70879-7185

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Real Estate Information and Comps for LSA

Buyer’s Guide to Lake Sherwood Acres -  this is suitable for printing as a handout/brochure.

A Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Lake Sherwood Acres Subdivision


We are sorry that you are leaving, but we want you to get the most for your home.

The SLA has prepared some information to help you market your home. There are two documents of interest. One is the Seller’s Guide which is written below (and is also available as  a PDF file in the underlined link), which gives advice on selecting a real estate professional. The second document is the Buyer’s Guide, shown below, which describes the neighborhood and its amenities. You can download this as a PDF printable document that you can hand out to prospective buyers or realtors. You can also download and print a brochure-sized version.


A good real estate professional will help you set the right price, market your home professionally, help qualify the buyers, and expertly negotiate and finalize the deal.

Select your real estate professional carefully. Your home is usually one of your largest investments and you should consider hiring a quality real estate professional to market it. Now is not the time to give this job to someone because he or she is a relative.  


Lake Sherwood is unique in many ways, and our home prices should not be determined by the comparables in neighboring subdivisions. However, because Lake Sherwood is a mature subdivision, the conditions of homes vary considerably. Therefore, comparing prices of recent home sales within the subdivision may not be the best way to determine your sales price. First, there is a “premium” associated with lake lots. Second, homes that are updated and well maintained should receive a “premium” over those that are not. Select a real estate professional who understands how these variables apply to the homes that are included in your “comparables”, so that they can properly guide you in setting the asking price for your home.