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Sherwood Lake Association Inc

PO Box 77185

Baton Rouge, LA  70879-7185

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*     Twenty-three separate areas of "COMMON GROUNDS"

*     All common grounds professionally maintained year round

*     Professional Landscape on Lake Sherwood North and South

*     Lake access from clubhouse

*     Two common grounds on lake

Q. Can we make Lake Sherwood Acres a gated community?

A. Please go here to read the research done in this matter.

Misc Grounds considerations:

1. Reporting streetlights that are out, blinking, on all the time can be reported directly to this website. Reporting as needed. There are several lights out in the neighborhood. They were reported after Ida.  Doug is working with Entergy on a string of lights out in the north part of our subdivision.  

Here is a pdf article on how to report streetlight outages to Entergy

2. The road conditions in Lake Sherwood Acres are being monitored and there are a few spots that I will have 311 considering fixing.  Also, the City of Baton Rouge has an App called Redstick 311. This app lets you know when the garbage and recycling is picked up plus reporting capabilities, traffic incidents and emergency updates. It’s a good app to have. - I will report these pothole issues with 311.  

3. Please keep your sidewalks edged and clear of any obstructions. Please be mindful of the walkers and joggers in the sub-division. Also, it is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure your sidewalks are in good condition for walking.  

4. Good information to have below when doing work outside the house. These Covenants are to protect one our investment and our Neighborhood.

Summary of Several Restrictions and  Protective Covenants of Lake Sherwood Acres

(As this is only a summary, the exact language which governs is in the Covenants and Restrictions)

The Lake Sherwood Council is established to administer covenants for benefit of lot owners.

No residence, building, fence, wall or other structure may be commenced without approval of the Council.  If no approval within 30 days of submission, approval is granted.

2.1 All lots are for single family residences, no more than 2 ½ stories high with carport and/or

     garages for 2-4 cars.  A single residence may be built on two adjoining lots.

2.2 All residences, improvements, alterations, fences, buildings, etc. must be first approved by the  Council before being constructed.

2.3 Lake lot residences must contain at least 2500 sq. ft., excluding carports, patios, etc.  All other

     residences must include at least 2200 Sq. Ft.

2.4 Dwelling lot must cost at least $25,000 to build on.

2.5 No imitation brick, imitation stone or asbestos exteriors.

2.6 No tall shrubs, fences, plantings at corners that obstruct views.

2.7 Only dogs, cats, and other household pets may be kept, provided they are not a nuisance or

       annoyance.  No animals, livestock poultry may be raised, bred or kept.

2.8 No outside TV or radio antennas, unless approved by the Council.

2.9 No garage apartment may be erected. Garages may be used as living quarters only for domestic  servants.

2.10 No commercial business, trade or noxious or other offensive activity may be conducted on any lots.

2.11 No signs may be publicly displayed on a lot, except for sales or rental.  The sign may not exceed 5

       square feet.  No political signs.

2.12 No lot may be used for dumping.  Lots must be kept clean and sanitary.  Garden compost poles must

      be kept out of sight and free and clear of rodents, insects and odors.

2.13 Lots must be kept mowed.  The Council may have a lot mowed and bill the lot owner.

2.14 Boats, buses, truck, trailers, campers and all other non-automobile vehicles shall not be kept, parked or  stored nearer to the front property line than 35 feet or the building set-back line, whichever is  further from the street and at least 5 feet from the side property line.  They may not be kept on the  street.

2.15 Building equipment may not be stored on a lot unless it is being used for construction on that lot.

        Vacant lots may not be used for commercial gardening.

2.16 No mechanical equipment may be located on the side or front yard.

2.17 The underground service is 120/240 volts.

2.18 All utilities and pipes are underground except for junction boxes.

2.19 Slabs must be at least one foot above curb grade and slab elevation must be at least 39 feet.

2.20 No pre-fabricated construction or mobile homes.

2.21 The LAKE: The lake shall be available for boating and fishing by members, subject to reasonable rules

        and regulations.  No combustion engines are to be used on boats.  No structure may be erected on or

       over the lake. The Association owns the lake.  Residents must maintain their own shoreline.

3.2 No building shall be located on any lot nearer to the side property line than 10 ft. unless approved by the Council.

3.3 Rear set-back distances for all residences shall be at least 35 ft. from rear property line or 25 ft. for lake lots

3.5 No fence or wall may be constructed closer to the street than the front setback line unless approved by

      the Council.

4.2 There are two classes of Membership in the Sherwood Lake Association: Class A is a lake lot and entitled  to 3 votes per lot owned. Class B is a non-lake lot and entitled to one vote per lot owned. Any  member who is delinquent in any financial obligation to the Association is not entitled to vote.

 4.3 A Board of Directors is elected each year at the annual meeting to manage the affairs of the Association.  

 4.4 The Annual Meeting is to be held in January.

 4.5 Annual assessments and dues are payable by March 1 of every year.  The Association fiscal year is

      January 1- December 31 and the membership year is March 1-February 28.

4.6 Special assessments for capital improvements may be levied.

4.7 The Lake Sherwood Club Association governs the use of the swimming pool, clubhouse rental,

      tennis courts and recreations areas around the Clubhouse.  All lot owners are Class A members of the

       Club Association. Associate, non-voting, Class B membership is available to non-residents.

      Sherwood Lake Association approves the budget of the Lake Sherwood Club Association.

      A member of the Sherwood Lake Association is an ex-officio member of the Club Association.

4.8 A private security patrol maintains the security of Lake Sherwood Acres.

4.9 A detailed budget of the Annual Assessment, Club Association, Security and special improvements are  voted upon at the Annual Meeting In January.

4.10 Any lot owner by having title to any lot, agrees to pay annual assessments whether or not such

     agreement is expressed in any documents whereby they became lot owners.  All owners automatically

      waive the homestead exemption from seizure in so far as levies and assessments are concerned.  All

      assessments or levies constitute a “continuing lien” and mortgage on each lot including interest, the

     costs of collection and reasonable attorney fees.

4.12 No lot may be sold or conveyed unless dues are paid and “certified in writing” by the Sherwood Lake

      Association.  RESTRICTIONS AND COVENANTS of LAKE SHERWOOD ACRES must be provided to all

       buyers of lots in Lake Sherwood Acres.

4.13 Assessments are due and payable by March 1 of every year.

4.14 A quorum for the annual meeting shall consist of 30% of each class of membership by proxy or in  person.

4.20 Articles of Incorporation may be amended and cannot impair or dilute any right of members, which are

       part of any property interests, created by the Covenants.

.   5.1 Covenants may be amended by 60% vote of the lot owners at a meeting with 30 days prior written   notice

     of the purposes of the meeting.

5.2 Covenants run with the land and are binding on all lot owners for 25 years and are automatically

      extended for 10 years unless a majority of lot owners agree to any changes.

ADDENDUM: Baton Rouge City Ordinance #10669 (August 14, 1996) requires all sellers to furnish vendees

                       a copy of all deed and building restrictions affecting said property.

Revised June 2005