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LSA Progress Report for Month of November 2018

1.) Ongoing campaign for mail boxes. Southern Curbside – Brendan Warner Owner 504-722-1989 or you can go to and check out what services and products they sell.

2.) All sidewalks seem to be in good condition and trees and bushes have been, for the most part, trimmed. Homeowners are responsible for the sidewalk in front of their homes.  Please make sure your sidewalks are in good condition.

3.) Please make sure that your address can be seen from the road.  This aids Neighbor’s in finding your home as well as emergency responders.

4.) Attention to all home owner, if you are planning to have work done on the outside of your home, you must get with the permit to do so. This permit is granted on work that has been approved by the LSA committee. You can also find more information on this and other information at :


End of report


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