Lake Sherwood Acres Subdivision

Baton Rouge’s Best Kept Secret

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Lake Sherwood Acres 2015 Lake Sherwood Acres 2015

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Neighborhood Organizations

LSCA (Club) Website

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Please check and make sure your house number is clearly displayed. Our Security Officers inform us that emergency vehicles have a difficult time finding an address and causes unnecessary delays in reaching a residence. Note the size requirement of 3 inches.  The Baton Rouge Ordinance is quoted below:

      Section 13.7 Uniform Grid System; numbers required

     A. It is hereby made the duty of each and every property owner holder to number or have numbered with Arabic numbers not less than three (3) inches in height every residential, commercial, or industrial building belonging to him in accordance with the following provisions. The number to be assigned such main building is to be assigned by the Department of Public Works.

The LSA Security Detail

The LSA Security Detail was started in 1993 by Captain Ronnie Thompson of the Baton Rouge Police Department.  Captain Thompson retired in 2003 and his son Jason has been heading up our Security Detail ever since.

Corporal Jason Thompson, has been a Baton Rouge Police Officer since 1999 and has been part of our security detail since 2000.  He drives a marked white Chevy Impala and is assigned to Narcotic out of the DEA's office on North Acadian.  

I have asked the officers to randomly make house calls for a brief period each week to introduce themselves to the residents.

We have a fine group of dedicated officers and they are doing their very best to keep Lake Sherwood safe.

If  residents need to contact one of the officers, they should call the main number for the City Police and request the officer(s) return their call.

Job Description for Security Officers

To see the Officer’s photos click to this page

Going on Vacation?

Click here for the: SLA Security Request
Download and use this request form to let our security officers know your needs



Vacation-Proof Your Home


Many of us look forward to this time of year, because it means getting away for a while to relax and have fun on vacation.  The last thing you want to worry about is whether your home is secure.  Give yourself some peace of mind – before leaving on your trip, review these tips:

Lock tools away so they cannot be used to break into your home

Look over your backyard, patio and other outdoor areas to be sure all toys, bikes, lawn equipment, and other valuables are stored

Have a neighbor collect newspaper, mail and packages during your absence

Be sure you account for and collect all keys – from sitters, domestic help, etc. - before leaving home

Make sure any vehicles left out of storage are locked and that all valuables are removed – including IDs, keys and garage door openers

Contact your security system company to let them know you will be away so they can make a note on your account and to test your system before leaving.

A Report of Options for Gating Lake Sherwood Acres

Please click on the link to read the entire report from the Board of Directors regarding the research done on Gating Lake Sherwood Acres

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