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        2017 Budget Newsletter

As some may already know, we have been having difficulty getting the garbage picked up on Lake Sherwood East and Lake Livingston. Councilman Buddy Amoroso set up a meeting with Republic Services and me 

In this session, Republic noted that the regular driver assigned to our route has had a medical problem in recent weeks. The driver is now back on the job and they expect this to help in getting the normal garbage pick-up done. 

Republic asked that we utilize the 311 telephone system during the normal workday to report any missed collection. The City’s web app can be used after hours to report any missed collection. It is important, that when each of us has a collection missed to report each it by using either the 311 system or the City’s app. I urge you to do so in order to assure that the City is aware of the issue and to get the largest notice to Republic. 

I wanted to affirm to all that we have two regular collection days scheduled in our subdivsion. The first is Monday. Monday has three specific collections, which are: Garbage, Recycling, and Trash. Thursday only has only collection type which is garbage. 

In our meeting, Republic noted a particular problem they have encountered with trash piles from tree trimming. Whenever a resident uses a commercial service to trim or cut their trees or other landscape features, it is the responsibility of the service to haul away the debris. If they do leave it at the resident’s home, Republic may not haul it away. If this occurs, the resident will then have to arrange to remove the debris at the resident’s expense. Please assure that when you have serious trimming done, you have the trimmer clear away the debris.

I did want to remind our residents of the City Ordinance rules that specify that garbage containers and recycle bins should not be placed by the street except when put out for collection days. The containers should not be put out by the street before 4:00PM on the day before the collection day and must be removed from the street by 6:00 AM on the day after the collection day. There is an informational brochure available on the city parish website that gives information on how to use the containers and what can be placed in them. It also explains the restriction of overloading of the container and the requirement of keeping the lid in place.

Again, thanks to Councilman Buddy Amoroso for his help in getting this situation addressed. The scheduled collection runs were made on February 12th. Hopefully, this will continue in the future. But, if not, please remember to report the failure to either the 311 system or the City app.

Thanks, Mike Hayes, President, SLA

The Security detail would like to thank all of our Lake Sherwood Acres Residents for your efforts to make our subdivision a safer place to live. The local news will remind you almost every day that the criminal element is alive and well around Baton Rouge. Please continue to lock your vehicles and your property.

Traffic issues are about the same this year through October as they were in 2016, 327 vs 320 last year. Unlocked vehicle burglaries 4 vs 4, and home burglaries 1 in 2017 vs 0 in 2016.

We have commented on the lone home burglary in the last issue, but it is another example of the risk of not having a functioning, monitored alarm system. I encourage each of you that do not have a Monitored Security System to look into getting one and using it even if you are at home.

We have not had a successful robbery attempt to any home that was monitored, and turned on in the past several years.

Please protect your property.

Wine Tasting Event - Feb/March, 2018

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Who We Are

Lake Sherwood Acres  is a "well-kept secret" of 312 homes located between S. Sherwood Forest and Coursey Boulevards.  There are 81 homes built along the shores of a  20 acre lake, as well as 231 homes that are located off the lake.  The neighborhood was developed by Victor Coursey in 1974 when this area was considered far out from down town. Part of the draw for this neighborhood is the 25 meter swimming pool and large clubhouse, as well as the many, well maintained green common areas and private lake.

Sherwood Lake Association Purpose

The Sherwood Lake Association Articles of Incorporation state that the association "is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Louisiana, for the purpose of, among other things, owning, preserving, maintaining and regulation for the use of its members the lake shown on the official plat of Lake Sherwood Acres Subdivision..."

Where are we located?

We are located east of  S. Sherwood Forest Boulevard and north of Coursey Boulevard. Click Here for a map of the area and of the actual  neighborhood.

Please be aware that the Lake Sherwood Acres Restrictions and Covenants and  Baton Rouge City Ordinance No. 10669 passed on August 14, 1996, requires all sellers to furnish the buyers of their property a copy of all deed and building restrictions affecting that property. Additionally, all dues must be paid in full prior to the sale of any property and a written “Paid in Full” Invoice must be presented at the closing. Contact the treasurer well in advance of the closing for a copy of the Invoice.

Lake Sherwood Amenities

Sometimes we forget that Lake Sherwood Acres has many amenities that have withstood the deterioration that accompanies many older subdivisions. Our lake and grounds are in excellent shape, and the Club is an active beehive of activity for the summer and throughout the year with frequent use for meetings, complimentary resident functions and rentals.