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If you have any questions or need to contact a board member and cannot locate the correct email or phone number via this site.
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Sherwood Lake Association Inc

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This site was created by Lisa Peacock of The Best Solution, LLC.
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Give us your permission to put your personal information on the site, except...
If you are an officer or a member of any of the official committees of the Sherwood Lake Association, Inc., your name and phone number will automatically be added to the web page UNLESS you specifically request in writing that this information not be included. We will be glad to exclude or remove any information about officers or committee members, if you say so. Just e-mail your instructions to .
Note: Removing this information from the web page does not remove it from the printed Directory. The Directory is the printed list of neighbors and may be issued to all Lake Sherwood Acres residents.
Officers and committee chairs give implied permission for names and phone numbers on the web.
We do not give anyone outside the SLA the authorization to access the information contained in the Directory/Resident Listing that is maintained for support of this site and is kept in the password-protected area of this site. You may tell us things that you want the SLA to retain on file. We hope that you will want to provide information about yourself for use of your neighbors on this site and in any printed directory. It will make our web site and any directory more valuable to you.
Any printed directory is separate from the web site.
We may, from time to time, ask personal preference questions. You are never required to answer these questions. This data may be used for analyzing neighborhood demographics, our preferences and tastes, and similar "getting to know our neighbors" purposes. We may disclose this data on the site, but never with personal data assigned to the information.
We won't disclose personal information from answers to questions on the site.
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We may look at traffic patterns on the web.
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Add or remove your name from the public e-mail list at any time.
If you wish to remove your personal information that is stored by the SLA on the web site, you should e-mail  and tell us to remove your name from our listing. We will remove you at the next regular update of our pages according to your request.
You can remove any of your information from the site at any time.
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Only  web page information is on the web server.
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