Lake Sherwood Acres Subdivision

Baton Rouge’s Best Kept Secret

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Lake Sherwood Acres 2015 Lake Sherwood Acres 2015

If you have any questions or need to contact a board member and cannot locate the correct email or phone number via this site.
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Neighborhood Organizations

LSCA (Club) Website

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If residents need to contact one of the officers, they should call the main number for the City Police and request the officer(s) return their call.

Officer Dan Iverson, drives an unmarked black Chevy Impala and he's been an Officer since 2006, and helping in LSA since 2007.  He works the entire city of Baton Rouge
Bryan Thompson has been an officer since 2004, and has worked in LSA since 2006.  Bryan drives a marked unit and is in the District 3 Uniformed Patrol division.
Sergeant Randy Bonaventure joined the LSA Security team in 2016. He graduated from the EBR Police Academy in 2000.  He currently works in the District 2 Uniformed Patrol Devision.
Officer Jarod Averette has been an Officer since 2003 and has been helping in LSA since 2007.  Jarod drives a marked unit and works in the District 4 Uniformed Division.